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Customized "signature shirts" for elementary, middle, and high school graduating classes are our specialty!   It's the reproduction of the classes' actual signatures printed on a great quality tee.  We then give the school (yes, it's free) a beautiful signature plaque to collect and display year after year.  The two keepsakes create fantastic responses from students, parents and staff.  We have captured lasting memories for schools and the graduates since 1978.  Go to my "Frequently Asked Question Page" to see some costs.

Here is some sample art work: Longwood and Charter Oak.


STYLE 6:  Typesetting of names on shirt
(No signature board is needed for this style)

After you choose one of the six style options above, we send you out a packet that contains everything you need.  If you decide to do the the shirts, the students would sign their names just once on the signature board we provide you with.  When we receive the board back, we then add the school name to further personalize the shirts.  Your mascot may also be added.

Many of our customers have done signature shirts for over 25 years with enthusiastic responses from all. If you have some interest in learning more, please call me or go to my ordering information page and send me an email. 

Signature Plaque
plaque with your order of 48 or more pieces.  

Graduation school shirts, tshirts and t-shirts by All Sports.

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Graduation shirts, tshirts and t-shirts by All Sports.
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